Exciting New Partnership with Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth

I’m a firm believer that businesses should do all they can to protect the environment, to take responsibility and make a positive impact where they can.

Worthington Films is committed to helping the environment and doing all we can do to limit our carbon footprint. 

You can help too!

We're excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with the social enterprise, Mossy Earth, who will enable us to help with various environmental projects.

We want to help restore nature and help fight climate change by replanting and reforestation. Therefore, from today, for every new videography booking we take, we will plant a tree. You will incur no additional cost. This is a commitment we are making following every new booking. 

One of the reasons we are so keen to work with Mossy Earth is the way in which this reforestation and other environmental initiatives are conducted. They are committed to planting only native tree species; helping to create rich biodiverse forests that provide habitats for wildlife and that are more fire resilient and naturally retain water to prevent flooding. 

Last summer Portugal was hit by many wildfires.  In particular a devastating wildfire burned through Douro National Park in the north of the country. It saw 120,000 hectares burn and 65 people killed; the worst loss of life in Portugal this century. It took more than 150 firefighters to get the fire under control, involving 52 vehicles, 2 helicopters and a plane. The fire destroyed a beautiful wilderness that was home to many wild animals, including wild horses, bobcats, vultures and bears.

Portugal Wildfires

By making a booking with us you’ll be helping to restore this key ecosystem and wild habitat, and redevelop a beautiful wilderness that everyone can enjoy, whilst reducing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

We’ll let you know when your tree has been planted and you’ll receive a photo and GPS coordinates of your tree. You can also follow updates on our work with Mossy Earth here on our website and on our social media. 


This is only the start of our mission to create positive change with our business activities and we look forward to sharing more very soon. You can find more information on this exciting new initiative here and please go and visit Mossy Earth’s website to learn more about the work they do. 

Thank you for your continued support.