Our Commitment

Worthington Films is committed to helping the environment and doing all we can do to limit our carbon footprint. 

With every videography booking we'll plant a tree.


Mossy Earth

We've partnered with social enterprise Mossy Earth to help bring this initiative to life. They give individuals and businesses the possibility to restore key ecosystems and wild habitats while reducing their carbon footprint.

Take a look at how we work with Mossy Earth...

A tree for every booking

For every videography booking we receive we will plant a tree. 

You'll receive a confirmation email, photo and GPS coordinates so there's complete transparency. 

Together we can play our part in reforestation, rewilding and creating a better environment for current and future generations. 

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The Wildlife Restoration Project

We'll specifically be supporting a Mossy Earth project aiming to restore devastating damage caused by the wildfires in Portugal in 2017. One of these areas was Douro National Park which saw 120,000 hectares burn. This beautiful landscape was left charred, barren and lifeless.

The fire also saw 65 people killed; the worst loss of life in Portugal this century.

It took more than 150 firefighters to get the fire under control, involving 52 vehicles, 2 helicopters and a plane. The fire destroyed a beautiful wilderness that was home to many wild animals, including wild horses, bobcats, vultures and wolves.

The rewilding project aims to build core forest to create a nucleus for life. Take a look at this video update from Mossy Earth to learn more...

How it works

Book a videography service with us.

We'll contact Mossy Earth to arrange your tree planting.

Once planted you'll receive an email with updates, a photo and GPS coordinates of your tree.

Together we can have a positive impact on the environment. 

Find out more about our partners at Mossy Earth here or contact us for further information and videography services. 

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